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Restoring a Nation

through the Mesoptamia House of Prayer, Mesopotamia School of Ministry, Evangelism, and House Churches

Iraq - The Cradle of Civilization

Where History Started

The Garden was here. Abraham walked here. The first civilizations arose here.

The earliest Church

Christianity arrived within just a few decades of Jesus.

The Gospel is Still Needed

There are 41 million Iraqis today, but just 1% are Christian.

The Kingdom is Still Needed

Decades of war have left most in poverty.

Our Work

We live among the Iraqi people and have for more than a decade. We stayed during the ISIS war. When we rushed into Mosul to serve and share the gospel with the hurting. We serve in Baghdad, Erbil, and across the entire nation.

We evangelize the lost, disciple new believers, and train ministers through our Bible school. We meet needs through English classes, sewing classes, food distributions, and more.

Our Results

The people of Iraq are hungry to hear the Gospel. Every day, we see Muslims turn to Jesus. They ask to be baptized. They ask to be discipled. The response is often more than we can keep up with.

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Operating in the Middle East is complex and expensive. We must navigate multiple governments with ever changing requirements. Getting supplies into the region often requires hand delivery. We know how to navigate this to the remotest areas but we need partners to help fund it all. Through your giving, we can expand our classes and outreaches across the Middle East to some of the hardest to reach areas. 


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